a devious scheme to take over the world

The idea for starting a blog came one day before my wedding when I was complaining to V about the serious lack of etiquette some people displayed in the days leading up to the event. We started texting talking about how people have lost the art of a good thank you note. Which led to complaining a discussion  about the utter lack of manners on the internet and in public spaces. Which led to ranting a conversation about political advertisements, the fact no one reads or researches before they speak, and kids these days. Ultimately, this brought us here. To a devious plan to someday take over the world with our wit and charm and this blog. Obviously.

Look, we’re not trying to say we have all the answers. Clearly, we’re just as lost as the next person. We’re twenty-something white girls from the Midwest. We don’t claim to have knowledge of the deepest secrets of the universe. But as we’re figuring stuff out, we like to talk about it. And since we live in the internet age, we’d like to also share it with you. Along with that, we’re hoping you’re willing to share with us. We can’t hope to ever grow and learn if someone doesn’t correct us when we’re wrong.

So what can you expect from us? Well, hopefully, lots of things. We have definite opinions that we’re going to share. We both like to cook, so as we make our favorite meals or try new things, we’ll be posting those recipes. One of us runs their own business, and may be willing to share her secrets for financial and organizational success. One of us works part time in the service sector to pay off debt, and is most likely willing to share her financial planning techniques and horror stories from the front lines. We’ll definitely be sharing anecdotes about our friendship and our respective relationships. We’re hoping that we’ll be doing a book club of sorts. We’re trying to write down goals and keep ourselves honest on how we’re accomplishing them. Perhaps most importantly, we’re hoping to get together at least once a month to visit, get a little tipsy, and try a Pinterest project. Because reasons.

Obviously, this is incredibly ambitious and our schedules are a little hectic, so we don’t know how successful. Maybe we post a lot… Maybe this is the only thing you’ll ever see from us. Ultimately, we’re really hoping this is a fun thing for us to do together, and that it’s a fun thing for you as well. And if we happen to take over the world in the process, so be it.

– A