A is a newlywed, 28 year old professional in the corporate world (who still works part time in the service sector). She’s a big fan of reading, American football, caffeine, One Direction, easy recipes, MTV reality shows, cozy mittens and organized spaces. She’s not fond of bigotry, poor grammar, birds, bad drivers, iceburg lettuce or androids. She is most assuredly the loud one, but definitely isn’t the nice one.

V is a not-as-newlywed, 27 year old business owner (taking over business #2, aka THE DREAM, in June 2016).  She’s a big fan of tea, Costco, HGTV, good leggings, handbags, fuzzy socks, puns, cooking with no recipe, and still uses a paper planner.  She’s also not fond of bigotry or poor grammar, and can’t stand black olives, hospitals, bugs of any kind, and hearing someone else chew.  She is the nice one, sometimes.


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